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School Trophies

We can offer a vast selection of specialised school trophies, cups awards, plaques and medals engraved or customised. Our collection cover learning, performance and sport presentations and are perfect for school award ceremonies and prize giving and learning recognition for development, merit and achievement in areas across pupil and student life from infant to teenage recipients.


We cover all areas such as Attendance, Behaviour, Drama, Effort, Merit, Music, Numeracy and Literacy

Star Pupil, Teacher Awards, Year 6 Leaver Awards

We Accept Purchase Orders for your Online Order

Academic Trophies

Encouragement for pupils covering all the subjects. Mathes, English, German, Science etc

School Badges

Headboy, House Badges, Sports Colours. We have school related badges for all occasions

Sports Day

An ever growing range of Sports Day Trophies and Medals suitable for every budget. 

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